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Why hire an interior designer for your venue?

Why hire an interior designer for your venue?

For many, the idea of a DIY venue design project is appealing, but the reality is quite the opposite. 

When taking on an interior design project for a hospitality or retail venue, you need to think about the amount of time and effort that will be consumed, as refurbishing a venue without an interior design team can be extensive. 

There are many benefits to be had by hiring an interior design company, which is why we at CDS Wilman have listed four of the most advantageous: 

Impacts caused by the pandemic 

The Covid-pandemic has altered the way every industry operates and interior design is no exception. 

The disruption of the virus has impacted everything from order times, supplies and furnishing production. It has also affected how a venue will be designed for a post-Covid climate. 

This means it’s going to be much harder to design your dream venue when products are harder to obtain and there is greater restrictions on how you can design your premises.

This is why it is important to reach out to a professional interior design company, as they have a greater knowledge on the layout of the venue in a post-pandemic world, they will also know which businesses are still in operation to source the right furnishings, materials and paint for your redesign. 

Helps you stay ahead of the trends 

Trends are ever-changing, but some design aesthetics will always stand the test of time, which can’t always be said with a DIY approach. 

Interior design companies, like CDS Wilman, have the experience and expertise to deliver a beautiful venue. It is the nature of the job that an interior designer has to study the upcoming product and colour trends in the interior industry while creating something bespoke and personal to the venue’s characters. 

Saves time and money 

Often, a business may be put off by the expense of an interior designer, but in fact, companies can end up saving money in the long term. 

It may seem like there would be a reduction in expenses, but when you consider the cost of the mistakes that may ensue the first time around, the finances start to mount. Whereas, a design team can pinpoint exactly what you need prior to purchasing.

Not only that, but design work is time-consuming and requires dealings with contractors, decorators and furniture retailers. That’s why it makes sense that a venue owner spends their time running and growing the business while the design team focus 100% of their energy on the project, so you can better spend your time elsewhere. 

Combines design with practicality 

It’s hard to create an aesthetically appealing space, and it’s even harder to make it practical too. You may want a straight-out-of-the-magazine venue but it’s not always as easy to adapt a design straight from paper and build it with ergonomics in mind. 

In contrast, an interior design company knows how to combine premium design with practicality, making it an inviting space that functions effectively. 

They will research your framework, your venue’s space and size and the customer capacity to ensure that the final scheme matches your tastes and needs.

Interior designers have contacts 

Have your eye on a specific item? Maybe there’s a colour you’d like to incorporate in your design? It is much easier to integrate these products and shades within your designs if you have a team of interior designers to help you. More often than not, these trending products and paints will already be on the radar of an experienced interior designer. 

More often than not these interior design products are exclusive to the trade industry too. 

Fortunately, an expert design company will have access to a trusted network of furnishers, contractors and suppliers so they have more choice at their disposal. Their previous experience with the contacts also means they’re more likely to be trusted, so you don’t face any issues down the line. 

Our designers are here to help create your dream venue. Get in touch today on 0161 848 3900 or email us on enquire@cds-wilman.-com to find out more.

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