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Taking your interior design outdoors: How to enhance your beer garden

Masked servers, socially distanced tables, perspex screens and display signs are just some of the changes we can all expect to see when April 12th rolls around and the hospitality industry is allowed to open its doors to al fresco diners. 

As outdoor public venues and beer gardens are the safest way to meet with friends and family while the vaccine is being deployed, the Government are keen to make practical and effective use of outdoor spaces.

And even once the whole of the UK public have been vaccinated, there will be a number of practices businesses will continue utilising post-pandemic. That’s why it makes perfect sense to enhance your beer garden or outdoor dining space to appeal to more customers. 

At CDS Wilman, we have a team of design specialists that help create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, which is why we have created this handy guide for you to enhance your beer garden. 

Maximise space 

Whatever outdoor space your venue owns or has the potential to use, should most definitely be utilised. If your eatery is an indoor-only venue, then it’s key you expand into the street and reclaim your role in the public realm.

If you have the benefit of an outdoor dining space, ensure it is being used effectively, maximise all areas of the space, scrap the smoking area and instead replace it with extra seating. To get the most out of your space, you could also implement flexible furniture that is multifunctional and

can be easily transported. 

Ultimately ensure that your dining area can cater for as many people as possible but with social distance and safety measurements in mind. 

Create zones 

Do you have separate entrances for staff and guests? Where do your supplies get delivered? These are the type of questions you need to be thinking about before effectively reopening up your venue to the public. 

Creating zones within your eatery is one way to create order and it is also an easy way of enhancing your beer garden. By integrating more intimate socialising zones you can offer both the physical distancing that is required by law as well as visual distancing for customers to feel more at ease when socialising after lockdown.  

Other temporary fixes like perspex screens between booths are fine for a short term solution, but it may be worth investing in permanent dividers, that not only enclose a space for safety reasons but also look contemporary at the same time.

Enhance safety measures 

Despite being given more freedom to socialise, many customers will still feel wary of returning to normal, which businesses must create a safe space through their interior design and practices.

Ways to enhance safety in a beer garden setting is through visible documentation of new protocols including PPE, temperature tests, publicly accessible handwashing stations as well as

highly legible signage that directs and manages the flow of people, including floor and 

wall markings.

But it’s not just COVID-19 people may be conscious of, it’s other safety issues too. For instance, being in an open public area means there’s could be more chance for theft. By incorporating individual lockable storage for employee’s valuables, electronics, and medications you are further enhancing your customer’s comfort through an apt design feature. 

COVID-19 has brought with it a series of interior design challenges – if you’re looking to reopen safely with a modern yet compliant outdoor dining space or beer garden, then we are here to help as restaurants work to keep employees and diners safe.

Our spatial designers are here to help hospitality venues’ interiors and exteriors. Get in touch today on 0161 848 3900 or email us at to find out more.

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