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Taking your interior design outdoors: How to enhance your beer garden

Masked servers, socially distanced tables, perspex screens and display signs are just some of the changes we can all expect to see when April 12th rolls around and the hospitality industry is allowed to open its doors to al fresco diners.  As outdoor public venues and beer gardens are the safest way to meet with […]

Pavement licence: Reopening the outside of your venue to the public on April 12th

It was music to everyone’s ears when the Government announced, that from April 12th, pubs and restaurants can reopen their outdoor areas for food and drink.  But many venues were left wondering how they could accommodate al fresco dining without outdoor seating.  Fortunately, ‘pavement licences’ for pubs, restaurants and cafes have been extended in certain […]

Leasing Options Available For Restaurant Operators

Times are tough at the moment and in this challenging trading environment, as a restaurant operator, you may need to look for cost effective ways to implement equipment, refurbishments or even start up opportunities. At CDS Wilman, we aren’t just award-winning design & build specialists. We can also facilitate leasing opportunities for one-off equipment purchases, […]

Embracing technology in interior design

Year on year more technological advances are implemented within every sector, and interior design is no exception.  Interior design incorporates more than just fancy furnishing, it requires an advanced knowledge of technological products that help create smart processes within the workplace.  There is more attention than ever being paid to technological solutions and how they […]

Why hire an interior designer for your venue?

Why hire an interior designer for your venue? For many, the idea of a DIY venue design project is appealing, but the reality is quite the opposite.  When taking on an interior design project for a hospitality or retail venue, you need to think about the amount of time and effort that will be consumed, […]

Incorporating sustainability into Interior Design

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in sustainability and it is apparent that people are becoming more aware of what impact we have on the environment. Because of this, more and more businesses are incorporating eco-friendly practices within their operation.  At CDS Wilman, sustainability and innovation is at the forefront of our […]

How to redesign your venue for a post-pandemic world

Everything we’ve come to learn about a thriving and effective hospitality design…

We’re Back and Better Than Ever…

The pandemic has altered the way businesses across the world…

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