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How to redesign your venue for a post-pandemic world

Everything we’ve come to learn about a thriving and effective hospitality design…

Everything we’ve come to learn about a thriving and effective hospitality design – open public spaces, free-flowing walkways and seating spaces designed for full capacity venues – has now got to be overwritten to make way for a new post-pandemic layout.

And although we may be able to introduce these former favourable trends in future designs, while we’re living in a post-Covid world, these elements of design will have to be placed on a back burner to make way for new and essential health and safety features.

As leaders in interior and catering design, we’re here to help venues comply with the new government rules with ease, by creating a layout suitable for a post-pandemic climate.

Socially distanced seating

When hospitality businesses were first informed about the new social distancing measures required of them, many took to ordering screens to support table separations.

Unfortunately, in the long term, this is neither a sustainable or design-conscious way of combatting the issue.

Instead, now there is a proposed limit to the number of people allowed in a venue, it’s key that venues are showcasing an adequate amount of space between customers’ tables and the bar, or if space is lacking then utilising room partitions may be the way to go.

Showcase sanitation

Maintaining high levels of hygiene is something that won’t be going away any time soon, even if a vaccine was rolled out tomorrow.

So business owners need to introduce easy-access hand sanitiser points around their venue to ensure that customers are maintaining high levels of hygiene, ultimately preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

It’s not the most fashionable of design features but sanitising points are one of the most essential elements of a venue redesign in a post-pandemic world.

Go outdoors!

Suddenly, outdoor public venues are fast becoming the safest way to meet with friends and family. Especially since many health experts state that the risk of passing on the virus is dramatically reduced when outside.

So for venues across the country, access to private outdoor space has enabled restaurants to stay open amid the pandemic and that’s why many businesses are expanding their outdoor space to accommodate a higher number of diners.

In summer it was easier to implement outside dining areas but it’s much trickier to get customers outdoors when the temperatures are reaching 10°C. Fortunately, there are design features venues can add to their outdoor patios to keep customers warm: heating equipment, shade structures, and building additions are just some of the ways to keep this area of your venue inviting to customers.

Our spatial designers are here to help venues create a contemporary yet safe restaurant, hospitality or creative workspace in a post-pandemic world. Get in touch today on 0161 848 3900 or email us on enquire@cds-wilman.-com to find out more.

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