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Embracing technology in interior design

Year on year more technological advances are implemented within every sector, and interior design is no exception. 

Interior design incorporates more than just fancy furnishing, it requires an advanced knowledge of technological products that help create smart processes within the workplace. 

There is more attention than ever being paid to technological solutions and how they can aid a customer’s experience in a venue and soon we will start to see radical changes in how interior spaces are designed because of developments in smartphone apps and digital display surfaces. 

This is why it is the role of an interior design company, like CDS, to incorporate these solutions alongside beautiful aesthetics. Here’s how the CDS team have been embracing technology within our designs recently: 

Touch free technology

Technology has taken on a primary role in supporting businesses following on from the Covid pandemic. Touch free and motion sensor driven technology is the driving force behind contactless purchasing and touch-free hand cleaning. 

Not only are these technologies practical, they also offer a solution for venues struggling to stay operational without increasing the risk of the spread of bacterias and viruses.

At CDS, we have implemented touch-free sanitiser stations and contactless EPOS readers within our designs to create a touch-free, yet stylish environment. 

Motion activated lighting and sensors

With the popularity surrounding domestic motion-activated and smartphone/Wi-Fi controlled light sensors, it was only going to be a short amount of time before commercial clients would start requesting it in their designs. 

Not only is MA lighting a stylish and powerful bit of kit, it also helps save energy costs by a significant margin. For CDS Wilman, lighting is critical to the final appearance of a scheme and we think it looks even better when it’s not controlled by a traditional light fixture. 


Prior to the pandemic, touch-screens were all the range and were becoming increasing popular in retail and hospitality venues. 

Despite the contactless response the world has taken in recent months, touch-screens are here to stay and will likely gain momentum again once the world has returned to normality. 

We’re living in an increasingly fast-paced and digital world and touch-screens help reduce queues allowing a customer to input their orders quickly and specifically, this is why so many venues are opting to implement touch-screen devices within their business premises and another reason why we are including the solutions in our designs. 

Contactless phone charging points

No-one likes to admit it, but most of us can’t be without our smartphones, whether its checking messages, e-mails or social media updates, smartphones have made it so people are connected at all times. 

And with so much phone usage, many people often find themselves on the receiving end of a low battery. To give customers peace of mind while they’re out socialising, an influx of business owners are now incorporating contactless phone charging points within their retail and hospitality venues and this is something CDS has recently implemented within design projects. 

Our designers are here to help create a contemporary yet technological restaurant, hospitality or creative workspace. Get in touch today on 0161 848 3900 or email us on enquire@cds-wilman.-com to find out more.

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